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It is that time of year again when dissertations are meant to get handed in. Across the country, final year students are either working hard on their masterpieces or googling stupid stuff like “The fastest dissertations ever written” and “How to stay awake for 48 hours”... When we were Googling dissertations, we found this thread on The Student Room where some poor soul is asking if it is possible do a dissertation in 13 days.   Of course it is possible to do it in 13 days. You probably won’t get a fantastic grade, but that is not really the...

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Unless you live in a cave or you have never experienced a 4 AM gaff in your life, you will be more than aware of what a sesh is. There are plenty of definitions floating around out there of what makes a good sesh. Is it the alcohol? Is it the crowd? Or is it all the randoms you stumbled into that you didn't invite back. Our mates over at Urban Dictionary are great at putting a definition next to all these words and concepts that make up uni life. Here is a collection of Sesh (as told by Urban...

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