The best time to go travelling is after graduation – here’s why:

The best time to go travelling is after graduation – here’s why:

  1. This may be the first time you’ve been free from responsibilities for years!

Travelling whilst at university or after graduation has become a common aspiration for students; you’re young, carefree (relatively!) and have your whole life ahead of you. After three or four years studying, often alongside working a part-time job, you deserve a break!

Whilst university is a great opportunity to have a fulfilled social life, it’s likely you’ve been taking exams continuously for years throughout school and college! If you haven’t taken a gap year yet or you never had a break between school and university, now is the time; travelling will allow you to have a sense of refreshing freedom before entering the world of work.

  1. It may influence your career direction

Travelling may influence what you want to pursue after university; whilst you may think you want to enter into a marketing job in the UK, you may travel and realise you would much prefer to work in a completely different job such as teaching at a school abroad. Lots of students take part in volunteering or TEFL (teaching English to Foreign Language students); these are both valuable skills to employers and provide the opportunity to continue travelling for years!

Even if you have concrete career goals, you may catch the travel bug and want to apply for the same job, such as digital marketing, but in the Spanish branch of a company or take on an internship in America! Once you have a taste of what the wider world has to offer, endless opportunities are revealed.

  1. It may open up opportunities to work abroad

As we mentioned, travelling can open up opportunities to work abroad; but as well as influencing your career goals for when you return home, you may find you are offered a job whilst travelling and are able to live abroad permanently! Many students go abroad to destinations such as Australia in the hopes of working to support their travel plans, but if you perform well in the job, you may find your company wish to sponsor you. This allows you to stay in the country and work with the company whilst building a life for yourself. There’s a reason so many people go to Australia and don’t return!

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  1. You gain valuable skills to utilise when you arrive home

It’s increasingly sought after by employers to find a ‘worldly’ person to recruit; the experiences you gain from travelling will provide you with endless examples of a time you stepped out of your comfort zone, made a decision on the spot or overcame a day where everything seems to go against you! If you have a positive reason and wish for travelling, this can only enhance your likelihood of landing a graduate job; speaking in an interview about your experiences will create a memorable impression and add some character to your application.

  1. You don’t have to go for a year – it could be a few months, but the best few months of your life.

You don’t have to embark on a whole ‘Gap Yah’! - you can travel for 3 months and pack a lot of experiences and exploring in! There are benefits of going for a few months:

  • it can be less daunting than committing to a year or more abroad away from family and friends.
  • You may have a job you want to accept and start in a few months
  • It’s still long enough to explore the world and take some time away from commitments
  • It’s cheaper! You won’t have to save as much money to go for a few months in comparison to potentially supporting yourself for 6 months to a year.

So there you have it – five reasons to bite the bullet and go travelling after you graduate. If you’ve been debating travelling for a while, get researching and make it happen! Get your essentials here now. You won’t regret it.

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