The Fastest Dissertations Ever Written

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The Fastest Dissertations Ever Written

It is that time of year again when dissertations are meant to get handed in. Across the country, final year students are either working hard on their masterpieces or googling stupid stuff like “The fastest dissertations ever written” and “How to stay awake for 48 hours”...

When we were Googling dissertations, we found this thread on The Student Room where some poor soul is asking if it is possible do a dissertation in 13 days.

Can you write a dissertation in 13 hours?


Of course it is possible to do it in 13 days. You probably won’t get a fantastic grade, but that is not really the point at this stage is it?  

But could you do it in less than 13 days? Let’s say 3 or 2 days…

A few students have gone to The Tab claiming that they did just that. The Tab were looking far and wide for the fastest dissertations ever written. They managed to find some horror stories of students cramming what should be 6 months work into a mad couple of all nighters.

Paddy Hillyer from Warwick claims to have written it in one 40h marathon sitting (whilst suffering from hallucinations and his skin going yellow of all the sugary drinks and snacks he consumed). And apparently, he got a 2:1 for it!

Jake Stennett claims he did his dissertation in 36 hours, somehow still landing a 2:2. Catherine Lux studying at Brunei claims she completed her dissertation even faster than that.

I think if you have mad typing skills and work well under pressure, you might be able to push it and get it done in a day or two, provided that you have all research done and actually have a decent understanding of what it is your dissertation is trying to accomplish.

But what do I know, it is not like I ended up writing mine overnight and staged a fake “Dissertation is done” photo by the lake before the deadline.

(Yup, that is just a bunch of A4 papers behind my cover page. My smile is hiding the fact that I knew had the longest night of my life ahead of me!).

Guest blog post by Jan Bergstrom, web geek and co-founder of a Swedish site about voice speakers like Amazon Echo.

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